Speech and Language Therapy Services For Schools


Learn to Communicate works with schools and nurseries, providing speech therapy assessment, reports and interventions for settings in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. 

Victoria has worked in education settings for many years, in bought in services as well as NHS and she specialises in supporting children and young people with behaviours that challenge. We understand the demands and pressures on staff in school, as well the importance of producing outcomes for governors and Ofsted.

Benefits for your school

  • Support for all children with speech, language and communication needs. (SLCN), not just those who meet high NHS thresholds.

  • A consistent therapist who can adapt practice to fit the needs of your setting.

  • A therapist experienced in supporting children with a wide range of speech, language and communication needs.

  • A therapist with extensive experience working with young people who have SEMH needs and complex needs including Autism, ADHD and trauma/attachment needs.

  • Individualised targets and therapy.

  • A therapist who can explain NHS plans and work alongside NHS colleagues.

  • Increased skills in your workforce so that staff can better identify speech and language difficulties in the classroom and can support children to develop skills.

  • Evidence-based interventions and measurable SMART target setting.

  • A therapist who is experienced at explaining complex ideas simply to parents/carers and can offer flexible working, including weekends and evenings to engage families to support their child's speech and language skills.

School speech therapy in Derbyshire and Sheffield - learning suported by private speech therapy

Common areas of need in school-aged children


  • Paying attention, staying on task, listening and working independently

  • Understanding classroom instructions and information given to them

  • Understanding and extracting key information from text

  • Learning new words and using them accurately

  • Remembering information and instructions

  • Organising thoughts clearly into sentences verbally and in writing

  • Speaking clearly - speech sounds and fluency (stammering)

  • With attachment, self esteem and anxiety

  • Interacting socially with other children - struggling to make friends or misunderstanding social situations and non-literal language

Liaison with the NHS and other professionals involved in a child's care is provided irrespective of the chosen package

Schools can buy one-off visits, a block of intervention or a regular ongoing commitment. Prices: From £270/day