Speech Therapy in Derbyshire
Assessment with Learn to Communicate 

It is important for a Speech and Language Therapist to obtain a complete picture of your child’s communication skills.


If you live in Sheffield or Derbyshire we will usually visit your home to carry out the assessment.If you live outside these areas we may still be able to help - please get in touch to discuss your needs. Schools- please see here.

An initial speech and language therapy assessment session includes:

  • Obtaining a detailed Case History from parents/carers

  • Screening your child's needs. This may include assessment of their understanding, attention and listening, speech sounds and expressive language skills (babble, words, sentences, grammar, fluency)


A speech therapy assessment may involve formal assessment tools, informal play-based assessment and observation and chatting - depending on the age of the young person. 

If screening highlights concern about a particular area of language, your child may require further assessment. This will be discussed with you at the initial assessment session.

Findings of the assessment will be discussed with parent/carer at the end of the first session. If therapy is indicated, options for this can be discussed.


Strategies and activities for you to try at home will also be explained even if you decide not to have any further therapy.

Speech Therapy Assessment in Sheffield and Derbyshire from Learn to Communicate may include finding out if your child understand questions

Typically an assessment will take about 1 hour but in some cases will take up to 1.5 hours. 

If your child stammers, has complex needs or is a teenager/young adult a more in-depth assessment process may be required - taking 1-2 sessions.

Your first session includes a brief summary report. More detailed reports are available on request. 




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