Child talking in Derbyshire speech therapy

Direct speech and language therapy is not recommended for all children, for example if your child is young they may not have the attention skills for intense direct intervention. 

Children with behavioural needs, autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) can also benefit from this form of therapy.


Every child is unique and it is important that we consider the most appropriate form of intervention for them.


Indirect Therapy will mean we work with parents and carers to help provide you with skills to support your child's development. We will also visit schools and nurseries in Sheffield and Derbyshire.

We also work with children through play, modelling language, social interaction and speech sounds.


There are a number of evidence-based therapy approaches which work indirectly to develop speech and language skills....they are very effective!

Indirect 1:1 Therapy

Victoria Crooks, speech therapist at Learn to Communicate work closely with parents