Child talking in Sheffield speech therapy

Occasionally we run language groups for pre-school children. Details of forthcoming groups are posted on the News section of the Home page.


Teenagers can benefit from groups to support some areas of language development, and group therapy can be useful for older children who stammer.

Social Skills - Children learn from each other! We aim to support development of social communication skills through small groups and specific therapy tools such as Lego-based therapy.

Schools: Group work can be used with children who have both speech sound and language needs. We run blocks of groups in schools and offer training to enable staff to run groups. Please email for more information.

Group Therapy

Group speech therapy is available at homewith childrenand in schools in Sheffield and Derbyshire

Speech Therapy too expensive? Consider pair work...

Provided both children have had a 1:1 assessment, we will split the cost of speech therapy sessions between families. Advice and activities will still be tailored to your child and therapy can happen at school or at your home.

This makes a session just £25!